White Tubular Fabric Decors

White tubular fabric decors (by Bobby)... A boracay lantern inspiration. A very clean patterns for a decor paired with balloons.

Simple RED - Fabric Drapes and Backdrop Decor

Red fabrics, lights and Crystal Swags used as backdrop for the Valentine's Day stage decor at The Feast in Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig City Philippines. THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM

Red Fabric Drapes for the Walls

This Moulin Rouge Themed Event used fabric swags and drapes for the wall and ceiling. Enhanced by lights effect and huge scatters for the decors. THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM

RED Fabrics for Ceiling Swag - Moulin Rouge Themed Event

Red fabric Swags for a Moulin Rouge Themed Event. Red Farbics in 8 rays from stage to the corners of the grand ballroom of new world hotel in makati city Philippines. Fabric swags always create dramas to be enhanced by ambiance lighting. This was simply amazing. THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM

PINK Fun for Walkway

Pink Fabrics created a new look for the walkway from Manila Hotel to the M/S Philippines floating restaurant. Our friends created this for CEU Luau Alumni Homecoming Party. We were part of the production team.

WHITE Fabric ORGANZA Ceiling Swag

The effect of the lights create an amazing ceiling with the white fabric organza swags. This was a wedding at 1esplanade in Pasay City Philippines. The crystal drapes also added lots of exciting feel for the ceiling since it was a huge ballroom, if we will not put anything on the ceiling it will be vast, no life and ordinary. But with the simple thing we've done, it transformed the whole ballroom into an amazing venue. THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM


A wedding event. White organza swag for the ceiling. This is a very huge ballroom. We used almost 150 yards of fabrics but the result was amazing. We also used crystal beads as drapes to create a drama on the ceiling. This is also best for birthday parties. THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM

PINK and BLUE Drapes with Lighted Arc

A partnership of PINK and BLUE with lighted arc at the entrance. Turning an event into a red carpet style with lots of excitement from guest afar. This event created a beautiful impression in our team. Upon arrival, a beautiful lighted arc with Icon of the first name of the celebrant. It's like a fashion event or something but the clean combination of Pink and Blue with silver was just fabulously fun. THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM

BLUE and WHITE Curtain Backdrop - Simply Beautiful

This is very elegant and beautiful for a brackdrop. Nice for a wedding or any occasion. We used this last year with Tito Norbie on the photo. I was so amazed with just two colors fabrics used and see the result. It's creativity and an eye for design. A very simple stage backdrop turned into a regal look. I recreated this is different colors and still it's really beautiful. THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM

BLUE and WHITE Fabric Swags as Stage Decor

This is a very simple swag or drapes. We used white and blue fabrics to create a clean look for the stage decor. You can also enhance this using lights and other materials. If you want it clean, just do this for your event. Created by THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM

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